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Friday, January 28, 2011

January is Almost Over

Ang bilis - isang buwan na ang lumipas sa 2011!

And February is just around the corner.

Really excited about February, though. Ang daming naka-plano:

- a well-deserved back-packing 4-day vacation alone way up north
- another musical to look forward to watching
- re-visiting an annual festival somewhere in Central Luzon with friends
- possibly a trip abroad for training

It's going to be a crazy month, definitely, with Valentine's day fast approaching (segue lang).

A friend of mine in FB said sana yung February 14 na lang ang wala sa kalendaro kapag hindi leap year, para every four years na lang sine-celebrate ang Valentine's day.

With a full admission of my bitterness, nag-like ako sa post nya!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Meet Up

Met some pozzies early last week over coffee.

It was my first time to meet with pozzies in a public setting. I was actually ambushed into it but it turned out fun.

We were at the coffee place for well over three hours but it didn't feel that long. As I said it was fun - just sharing stories, seeing these people cracking jokes and exchanging wise-cracks at the expense of one another. Hearing about stories of other pozzies from their treatment hub.

I don't really socialize with other pozzies from my hub. Not that I do not want to. It's just that I feel like they have a different world from mine. Also, when I go to my treatment hub to get my refill of meds, I usually stay in one corner, observing the other pozzies and waiting for my turn. If I see someone I know, I'd give a nod and a smile and that's it.

But these guys from the other treatment hub were so much fun to be with. Maybe because it was ok to slip once in a while about your status without fear of discrimation or not being understood. As I said, it was my first time to socialize with fellow pozzies, so I had reservations. But after a while, I felt at home in their company. I felt normal!

I am glad that I came that evening. Sometimes, it pays to tread the path less taken, to see things with new a set of eyes. I am hoping to see them again one of these days.