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Saturday, August 28, 2010

What makes a throne

Went to Megamall this afternoon to buy, of all things, a toilet seat. Yes, a toilet seat.

My brothers and I were supposed to buy one last Monday at Ace Hardware. However, I found out that it wasn't as easy as going to a rack and pointing to one that catches your fancy.

No, one has to know the dimensions of the toilet! I never imagined that something as mundane as a toilet bowl had standard dimensions to follow and that buying the wrong seat could spell the difference between comfort and disaster!

So, before going out on a toilet seat hunt, I asked my brother to measure the bowl. 14" x 18". Fair enough.

Armed with this information, we headed once more to Ace Hardware to purchase a seat.

Then the real dilemma began. Are we buying the hinge-less seat or the slow-close one? Which color to buy? And what about the price? Does a higher price ensure more comfort?

After some discussion, we settled for a standard, "universal", white seat. I would have wanted the soft, beige one but the only design available was one with a huge butterfly "embroidery" on the canvass cover. Too "bohemian" for our taste.

Lesson learned: never take toilet seats for granted - they are the ones that give dignity to our "thrones"!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

On Starting a New Blog

Here I go again with another blog. It has been years (3 years to be exact) since I last updated a previous blog I maintained (unfortunately, I can't remember my credentials to that account, so, "Goodbye, Old Blog").

I guess it is just fitting to start a new one at this time... the old me is gone, vaporized into extinction by what others would call "sero-conversion". I would call it a wake-up call, but that would just be so non-melodramatic.

Thanks to the other PLWHA and their blogs, I have realized how much I love writing.

So, here's to me - the Ant traversing the infinite strip called Life. And here's to my new blog - a journal of one Living in a Mobius Strip!