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Friday, February 11, 2011

Finding my Quiet Space

I was finally able to take a much needed vacation last week. We had a two-day off late last week because of the Chinese New Year and I took that chance to fulfill a long-time dream - that of visiting Ilocos, specifically Vigan in Ilocos Sur and Pagudpud in Ilocos Norte.

After more than 10 hours of travel by bus and another 30 minutes of travel by trike to the resort, I was greeted by the cold salty wind coming from the sea. Tired from the travel, I fought the temptation to hit the beach that early (I checked in at around 9am) and tried to get some sleep.

By lunch time, my inner mermaid got the better of me and I decided to check out the water. It was soooo cold! Imagine, I was on the beach from 12 noon to around 3 in the afternoon, with my jacket on! I couldn't even dip my feet in the water.

The wind was strong and waves after waves washed ashore - crest after crest of long waves, frothing and foaming.

I decided to walk along the beach because I saw that the area had a very long coastline.

At one portion of the coastline, I found this quiet little piece of the sea, protected from the waves by the rocks and corals.

Within this quiet area were pools filled with algae, small fish darting through holes in the rocks, white ghost crabs, tiny starfishes and every little creature taking advantage of the lull in the turbulent sea.

I envied these creatures. They have found their quiet space where they can rest, regain their strength and face the troubled lives they were meant to live in the open seas with renewed spirits.

Although I came out of that vacation equipped with the knowledge that the new year was going to be a good one, I still would want to have a constant place to crawl into where I can lick my wounds, heal and come out stronger and wiser.